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Biomes, mobs, items, features and more!


Forsaken Isle is a wilderness survival game focused around crafting with RPG elements. You play as a pirate, marooned on a desert isle and must gather resources, craft items and survive the Forsaken Isle, of which its inhabitants are not all so friendly.


  • Randomly generated island to discover and explore
  • A deep and complex crafting system
  • 200+ items to discover and craft
  • Expansive updates up to and continuing after full release for free

Early Access (Alpha)

Forsaken Isle is still in an early access stage in development, due to this, not all features may work as intended, or at all. Save files may also become corrupt or non compatible with new builds. Sounds have also been temporarily disabled in the current build. (Thirst currently disabled)

Game price will remain discounted while in early access an may increase upon final release.

Planned Features

  • Animal Livestock
  • Magic
  • Enchanting
  • Native Tribes
  • Boats
  • Extra levels and map generation, e.g. Water/diving, Underworld, Dungeons, Deeper Caves
  • Pets
  • Character Customization
  • Hardcore Gamemode
  • More Items!


I'm always open to suggestions and feedback, or with any issues regarding the game, you can contact me at:

Twitter: Smoodlez

Email: smoodlezbenji@gmail.com

Buying the game

Purchasing the game now includes early access, all future patches (including the final release) and a Steam key once the game is released on Steam , for no additional cost!

More information

Published 3 years ago
StatusIn development
Tagscraft, pirate, pixel, Sandbox, Survival


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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